Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Wig Boudoir, where we come from, who we are and where we want to be.....

Why Wig Boudoir?
As hair professionals we see many people who are experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss problems. Many of them have experienced difficulty in finding professional and caring support during this time of their life. While there are some retail options to buy hair replacement products such as a wig shop, they often receive a product with no personalized consultation support, instruction, styling and maintenance advice. Sadly it evolves like any retail purchase of pick your wig, pay for it and go home confused, overwhelmed frustrated and having second thoughts! The insensitivity of these circumstances birthed the concept of "Wig Boudoir" a dream to bring our professional knowledge, passion and time with excellent products, support and services to people in need of a Wig (Hair Replacement).

Who we are
“Wig Boudoir”, is a Wig/Hair Salon, specializing in providing superior quality, natural looking wigs with a personal, caring, genuine/- heartfelt service. Our Consultants are experienced, hair professionals who are dedicated to healthy, organic non-toxic Wig/-hair styling and scalp treatments.

We have had personal experience with family members who were struggling with hair loss and their mostly difficult journey to find the ideal wig-solution. Professionally we have helped dozens of clients find a real solution to their hair loss challenges so they can regain that focus of “Look good. Feel good”.

Our mission
Our goal to help people of all kinds, with their hair loss problem, using high quality, natural looking, lightweight and very well ventilated hair replacement system’s with an exceptional foundation. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, private and welcoming environment with a focus on an all in one “One Stop Support/-and Sales Service” with options of buying or leasing (Wig Club-Membership). We assist our Clients with Wig Maintenance, styling, ongoing support and offer non-toxic scalp/skincare treatments. People will visit our Salon for a professional, caring, personal, supportive consultation and fitting in our “Wig Boudoir”. They are treated respectfully, as an individual and we will do our best to find the perfect hair solution for them. We care about people’s whole personality, health and not just their hair, to gain back a confidence look for them.

Our Services, Products and Benefits:

-       Personal consultation by appointment regarding different types of high quality natural looking wigs, colour, cuts and styles
-       Wig cleaning and maintenance
-       Wig fashion-trend updating
-       Styling and Wig-Cut (Hair Stylist on site)
-       Styling advice
-       Custom made wig orders or off the shelf stock purchasing
-       Organic non toxic scalp, head and wellbeing treatments
-       Hair and wig care products and accessories
A range of t wig purchasing options, buying, leasing of new or pre loved wigs (membership Wig Club) to make the hair system affordable to an individual’s budget

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