Friday, 13 June 2014

Hair loss

Because we want you to feel your Beautiful Confident Self...

Losing your hair can have a very strong emotional impact
Often people who are told by their oncologist or dermatologist that they will lose their hair, panic buy, believing that a “wig is a wig”. But that’s not the right thing to do – as we all know, hasty decisions lead to bad experiences.
Many wigs are made for fashion – low quality and design – and are completely inappropriate for hair loss of a medical nature.
You need professional advice to get the right result. With our professional knowledge and passion we will find the right solution for you. This document is specifically designed to help you gather information on wigs and prosthetic hair integration. 
Wig Boudoir provides you with hair professionals who have been professionally trained to work with medical and genetic hair loss clients. We provide you with a wide choice of modern styles from Europe – wigs that are natural in appearance, lightweight, and well ventilated, with exceptional foundation features that promote and support scalp tissue health.

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