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often asked questions

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Commonly asked questions
How will the treatment I undergo affect hair loss?
Chemotherapy is a treatment used to fight cancer cells causing temporary hair loss. Unfortunately, during the treatment process, healthy cells, including hair follicles (the hair roots) can be destroyed. This means hair loss or sometimes hair thinning.
How much hair will I lose?
This will depend on the dosage and type of drugs used. Sometimes the effects on your hair are very little, but it is important to be prepared. Ask your doctor who will advise you on what to expect. However, even if you lose 20 per cent of your hair, you still may become very conscious of thinning and feel quite bald anyway. We believe it is better to have a “safety net” in place i.e. knowing that you have tried and found a wig that is great for you just in case you need it. 
How soon can I expect hair loss?
For some this may start within a few days of the first treatment. By the second treatment most people who have been advised they will lose their hair will experience hair loss. Partial or complete hair loss can be expected. We will inform you more about this at time of consultation. 
Will it grow back?
Yes. Once you have completed the treatment you can expect hair to start to regenerate in about a month. It will usually take three to five months to attain a reasonable head of hair.

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