Saturday, 22 November 2014

Meeting fantastic and lovely peoples

Because we want you to feel your Beautiful Confident Self...

During our work with people in need of a wig we met already so many fantastic and lovely women. One of it is Jane Cullen who wrote us a few days ago a very nice letter...

My name is Jane Cullen.

In August 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. I began chemotherapy soon after my operation.

I was more worried about loosing my hair than my breast.

I met a lovely lady in hospital called Sue, who told me about Wig Boudoir. I had been to a Wig library and cried all the way through the session, having no luck finding a style that suited me.

I finally called Peter and Rick the specialists at Wig Boudoir in Georgetown.
The name itself made me feel exotic. I hadn’t even met them yet but immediately felt valued and special. You just know!

The salon was spectacular, way beyond my initial expectations, blue and white, simply stylish!

I felt comfortable and nurtured. I cried some of the time and that was ok too! I had my own hair for the first appointment. I had always wanted to be a blonde and the boys picked out a short style, which suited me. As soon as I put it on I knew I would be ok.

Having breast cancer challenges everything about being a woman, my breasts, how I see myself, how I feel. The thought of loosing my hair and being bald terrified me.

I can honestly say I left Wig Boudoir with my wig in the box and just felt happy for the first time since diagnosis.

What a gift!

I was prepared!

Women like to look good and having a wig that replaces your hair when your bald is something we would all naturally want.

Wig Boudoir provided me with a quality product and all the services I needed, the wig, the head shave, follow up wig care, a sense of humor and fantails lollies!

Beyond how Peter and Rick made me look, it was the way they and their wig made me feel.

I feel gorgeous, sexy and empowered and I love that feeling. Even today months later I just have to think about my wig and I feel happy.

Thanks Peter and Rick for your genuine kindness, your style and skill in helping me feel so wonderful about myself throughout such a challenging time.

Thanks for giving me more than service and a product but a great experience I will never forget!

Jane Cullen

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