Thursday, 12 September 2013

We are starting our Blog today

12.09.2013 As Hair professionals we often get involved with people that are going temporarily or permanently  during stages of their life with hair loss problems. In our experiences these clients find it often very difficult to find professional and caring support during their special time of their life. For sure Clients who are in need of purchasing a hair replacement, can do this in certain Wig Shops, where they receive a product with no personal/-private consulting, support, instruction, styling and maintenance advice. Basically people in need of a Wig often just get the opportunity, to pick quick a hair replacement in a Wig shop, pay for it and leave after it the shop with not a really a good feeling. Later on at home, the person with the purchased Wig, feels often left alone, overwhelmed and frustrated!... A few weeks ago we decided to do something against these unfortunate circumstances for we started to create the idea of an intimate ....."Wig Boudoir"! ....So here we are, we are starting today the 12th of September 2013, follow our blog, to share our journey!

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