Friday, 13 September 2013

Why do we do what we do….

-       To provide people who have to depend on a hair replacement a natural as possible look
-       To provide a professional, safe, intimate and welcoming Customer Service and Consulting environment
-        To create a “One Stop Sale/-Support Service, which includes, Consulting/- Assessment , Wig-Shop, Maintenance, Styling, Styling Sessions, Wig Cutting in and Scalp care/-treatment 
-       To provide different Purchasing options as like buying, leasing or membership, to make the Hair System affordable to different target groups
-       To assist clients with hair replacement updates, maintenance and styling
-       To advise and provide Clients with non toxic Scalp and Skin treatment
-       To provide a professional Hair replacement/- Maintenance Service
-       …..To create a positive “I look good I feel good” Personality 

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