Thursday, 28 August 2014

Why trusting Wig Boudoir....

Because we want you to feel your Beautiful Confident Self...

Why Wig Boudoir?
As hair professionals we see many people experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss problems. Many of them experience difficulty finding professional and caring support at this particularly difficult time. While there are some retail options to purchase hair replacement products like wig shops, unfortunately, far too often this means receiving a product with no personalised consultation, instruction, nor styling or maintenance advice or support. 
Sadly, it is like many other day to day retail purchases: pick your wig, pay, then go home confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and having second thoughts. The insensitivity of these circumstances birthed the concept of Wig Boudoir – a dream to bring our professional knowledge and passion coupled with excellent products, and services to people in need of a wig.
Who are we? 
Wig Boudoir is a wig/hair salon which specialises in providing superior quality, natural looking wigs with a personal, caring, genuine and heartfelt service. Our consultants are experienced hair professionals who are dedicated to delivering healthy, organic non-toxic wig, hair styling and scalp treatments.

We have had personal experience with family members and friends who struggled with hair loss and their difficult journey to find the ideal wig solution. Professionally, we have helped dozens of clients to find the best solution to their hair loss challenges so they could regain a focus of “Look beautiful, Feel good.”

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